Cambrian - Sky Lantern Super Lodge




Paul:  Okay.  So one of the things causing a major stir at the show, as you come in to the show, the first thing you will see is this amazing lodge, this is one of the kind of premium lodges that you find in the UK.  Now this is a Cambrian Lodge and it’s the Sky Lantern.  We are pleased to talk to Peter here from Fallbarrow Holiday Park on Lake Windermere.  Can you tell us a little bit about this product and sort of why is it a show?

Peter:  Here what we are doing that we had to have something that reflected the park in the area that was absolutely unique to us because the picture that we have is overlooking Lake Windermere.  And we wanted a product that was a premium product to approach Cambrian asked them to build us the Sky Lantern and it’s just turned out to be absolutely most amazing lodge that we ever commissioned.  So it is pretty unique.

Paul:  Yeah.

Peter:  I mean with the granite workshops and granite tables I mean just I have never seen a lodge like it and with the Sky Lantern itself in the middle of the lodge we just got an automatic blind on it, the curtains are all automatic.  I don’t think the industry has seen a lodge like it and what we coin the phrase now ‘super lodge’ because we believe this is taking lodges to a different level.  And when you look at the outside, nobody has seen anything at all like this.

Paul:  We are going to take a look.  We will do some slow pans and have a look at the interiors so people can see if they can’t get along, and can’t get to the show.  So obviously the profile – what’s the cost of something like this?

Peter:  Well the cost of this is only on parks is 800,000.

Paul:  Right okay.

Peter:  I mean as a park we do sell caravans from 49,000 but this lodge, particular lodge is 800,000 on this pitch.  But that will come fully furnished with the decking and everything.  So but it’s a unique position.

Paul:  It’s kind of that is exactly is the – that position so I think you know you have got panoramic views of Windermere is kind of, you know, it represents of what it is and the real estate affectively

Peter:  Only Windermere property, actually on the lake goes up to 10 million pound.

Paul:  Right.

Peter:  So really when you consider something like this 800,000 pound that still within the price range that people are looking to spend.  But also being a Holiday Park as well it gives a different community sense because children are allowed to be children, they don’t have to run around to find friends, parents don’t have to take them everywhere; they are inside a gated community.  So it’s the protection of that office as well also what people are looking for in this day and age.

Paul:  Okay.  Brilliant stuff and is this lodge been sold have you actually sold ---

Peter:  No we have some interesting parties, we are waiting to see on the park.  I predict that we will have turned it around before Christmas.  So well that’s a big task.  I think we have customers already who are lined up, who are actually looking at it.  So fascinating can’t wait to get it here.

Paul:  Great stuff Peter.  Thanks for that.  So again if you are coming to the show you can’t miss it as soon as you come in the main gate.  If you want more information about Fallbarrow Holiday Park check out the website, if you Google Fallbarrow Holiday Park they got a very good website that shows some of the stock that’s for sale and check that out.