Interview Richard Jones





Paul:  So we are here with Richard Jones on the ABI stand at Lawn 2014.  And we have just had a really good look around the concept.  This is amazing development from ABI where they have really sort of thrown things back to the future really to look at caravan design and how usability can be improved.  Now Richard is here from ABI, just give us a little bit more information about why you did this concept and obviously the things that’s achieved.  So what was the main reason for coming up with this idea?

Richard:  Well obviously every year we get our design team to come up with new ideas for vans, but they always have handcuffs on them in terms of the ideas that they come up with have got to be welcome in the marketplace and sell vans, and what we wanted to do this year was take the handcuffs off a little bit and give them a blank canvas to come up with something that’s went away from just traditional caravan ideas.  So if we said, if you forgot a caravan had to be a caravan what could, we come up with.  So we set them a theme of utilization of space for this year’s concept.

Paul:  Okay.  And you have developed the concept around been able to sleep and accommodate, feed and sort of seat nine people that’s pretty challenging, why was it nine, did you really want to push the boundaries of what you wanted to achieve?

Richard:  Yeah, I mean, the idea was, was that we said if space was used as it needed to be used, so a bedroom was a bedroom when it needed to be a bedroom but all of the times it wasn’t then used as a bedroom, and then eating area was an eating area when it needed to be used in all of its other time it wasn’t, what could we achieve and it just ended up the, we go to nine people and as the idea, and a van that’s only 30 foot long.

Paul:  Yeah that’s amazing.  And from the concepts that you have got in that, do you think this is a future, do you think these does sort of design concepts and ideas will find their way into you know your sort of mainstream modules that will be displayed in future shows.

Richard:  I certainly think there is a number of elements in that, nearly ready to get into production and from the feedback that we have had initially from people of view day has been very positive and I think it will be – there will be a desire for us to start to encapsulate some of the ideas that we brought in here and into mainstream vans.

Paul:  Brilliant.  Well thanks Richard for that.  As I said, you know, if you are down, you know, really come and take a look at this concept is one of most exciting things.  We have seen the caravan show and also we are going to publish some videos of the interiors if you can’t get to the show, so you can check it out as well.