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Caravan Market Research May 2013

So you’re buying a static caravan holiday home: who is better placed to offer advice than someone who owns one already? This was the thinking behind our caravan manufacturers user survey; we contacted our extensive user database to gain their recommendations of the best caravan manufacturers on the market.
We asked our users to score individual caravan manufacturers out of five across four categories. These scores where then collated to derive an overall score, giving caravan buyers an easy reference resource to help them through the purchase process.
The findings also serve a secondary purchase: they give the caravan manufacturers themselves the ability to gauge the public perception of their products and identify areas for improvement.

As evidenced by the chart, it was Victory who came out on top in the final overall standings. The East Yorkshire based manufacturer scored an impressive 4.5/5 overall, enough to see them win by a considerable margin. Victory finished top in three of the four categories.
The second and third places weren’t quite so easily defined. Second spot was claimed by ABI with 4.17/5, beating Bluebird back into third by only 0.02 of a point.
BK Bluebird’s 4.15 was enough to secure third from Atlas, who were only 0.03 of a point behind on 4.12. Only two caravan manufacturers scored less than 4/5 in the overall standings: these were Cosalt and Pemberton on 3.94 and 3.81 respectively.

Value For Money

Victory claimed top spot, equalling their impressive score in the Caravan Layout category with a  4.75 in the Value For Money division. A generally low scoring category, Victory topped the table by some margin; Westbrook were second with a score of 4.33.

 Pemberton’s 3.75 saw them finish bottom of the Value For Money pile.

Build Quality

After finishing bottom of the Caravan Layout category, Westbrook topped the Build Quality category with a score of 4.33. This category was the only one Victory did not claim top spot in, finishing in second place with a score of 4.25/5.
Pemberton and Swift were tied in last place with scores of 3.5 out of 5.

Caravan Layout

A strong category, it took a supreme performance from Victory (4.75) to top the Caravan Layout division.
Swift’s 4.67 and BK Bluebird’s 4.54 were good enough for second and third places respectively. Westbrook finished bottom of the pile with the only sub-4pt score in the category.

Caravan Décor

Victory topped this category with 4.25/5, the lowest winning score across any of the four categories. Swift came second – their second top-two finish – with a score of 4.17.
Westbrook – after finishing top in the Build Quality division – were bottom in this category with a score of 3.67. 

Some interesting conclusions can be drawn from the findings: the main one being that there is a balance to be struck between more stylistic concerns like décor and layout; and fundamentals like build quality and pricings.

Westbrook’s rollercoaster ride of placings showed that this balance is not always easy to find, as did Swift’s similarly inconsistent performance. However, a strong showing from Victory showed that this balance is readily achievable.

To look at this in more detail, or to view in depth analysis in other areas of the report, click the link to download a .pdf copy of My Holiday Caravan’s full market research document from May 2013.

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