Interview with Peter Nevitt, Victory Leisure Homes MD





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Victory emerged in 2009, and immediately has shown it can produce high quality, value for money caravans by topping several categories in the My Holiday Caravan Product Survey.

Managing Director Peter Nevitt, gives us a little insight into how Victory Leisure Homes began. Starting small, thirty employees began building six caravans a week, which has now increased to near twenty, without a compromise on quality.

They recently expanded into building lodges alongside their caravan range, after a customer request. This growing market has become lucrative, as more and more people invest in a larger holiday home, leading to Victory redesigning their lodge range for 2014.

When asked if he had any tips for people looking to buy a caravan, Peter underlines that it must be practical.

"A first time (buyer) doesn’t really know what he wants, he’s buying with his eyes, and on the appeal of it all, the colours... the glitz. It's not until he’s had a caravan, that he gets in there and finds that he’s got nowhere to put his hoover. He finds that he hasn’t got anywhere for his brooms and his mops, his ironing board."

From listening to customer feedback through things like the MHC survey, Victory try to address these things. Experiences of ownership allow them to create caravans which both new and existing owners will appreciate.

Space is another factor, as maximising room dimensions without making it uncomfortably cluttered with furniture is another way Victory put themselves ahead of the competition in practical terms. Peter admits it cannot always look aesthetically pleasing, but that a compromise is always necessary.

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