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Victory For Victory Leisure Homes in Static Caravan Market Report, ABI and BK Bluebird Also Score Highly

Victory Leisure Homes lived up to their triumphant name, taking top spot in a survey of static caravan manufacturers, with ABI and BK Bluebird closing out the top three.

The ground-breaking market research report was carried out by, a Hampshire-based site providing news and information to buyers of static caravan holiday homes. The site’s analytic team reached out to MHC’s extensive database of users, requesting that they review their caravans and score them out of five across four categories.

Victory’s performance was consistently strong one. Their table topping finishes in three of the four categories was enough to land them overall top spot by a considerable margin. There was rather less to choose between the chasing pack, and, ultimately, only 0.05 of a point separated ABI, Bluebird and Atlas Caravans in second, third and fourth positions respectively.

My Holiday Caravan’s managing director Paul Craven, who commissioned the report, believes that the potential benefits of the research are far reaching.

"The primary function of this research was to produce a clear and concise report to help static caravan buyers when they come to purchase a unit, however we always knew that the finished article would provide far more than this," he said.

"The report outlines buying habits, customer preferences and areas for improvement in meticulous detail; information which is of huge importance to caravan manufacturers as they seek to develop their businesses. An in-depth report like this has never been carried out before."

Mr Craven was keen to stress what lessons could be learnt from the research:

"The report drew some interesting conclusions," he continued.

"For example, some firms scored big in stylistic categories such as Caravan Layout and Décor, while receiving lower scores in categories like Build Quality, and vice versa. Victory’s strong showing across the board proved that striking a balance between the two is key."

The team’s findings will make overwhelmingly positive reading for the executives of caravan manufacture firms around the country. The overall standings showed good levels of consumer satisfaction following a caravan purchase, with all but one of the featured manufacturers scoring at least 4 out of 5 overall.

John Burns, one of the analysts who worked on the report, believes that this suggests a bright future for the industry...

"The health of any market depends on three things: the actions of the commercial entity, the habits of the consumer and the harmony of the relationship between them," he said.

"The report shows that all three components are present and correct, hinting at a prolonged period of strength for the caravan industry."

A .PDF copy of the May 2013 edition of My Holiday Caravan’s Manufacturer Market Research Report can be downloaded for free via this link: