Advert Feed v1.1.3 now accepts advert feeds onto the website, meaning listings for caravans currently for sale by other companies may be passed into our system and advertised on our site.

The format for the feed itself is XML and is very simple...

ElementDescriptionRequiredData Type
refThis is the unique reference number for the advertRequiredAll Characters allowed. Max 15 Characters
nameA small descriptive name for the advertRequiredAll Characters allowed. Max 100 Characters
descriptionA full description of the caravan being advertisedRequiredAll Characters allowed. Max 4000 Characters
priceThe price of the caravan being advertisedRequiredNumerical
yearThe build year of the caravan being advertisedOptionalNumerical
dimensionsThe physical dimensions of the caravan being advertisedOptionalAll characters allowed
bedroomsThe number of bedrooms the caravan being advertised containsOptionalNumerical
sleepsThe number of people the caravan being advertised can sleepOptionalNumerical
featuresA pipe-separated (|) list of features of the caravanOptionalAll Characters allowed. Max 2000 Characters
image1urlThe full URL to the web-ready main image of the caravanOptionalAll Characters allowed. Max 255 Characters
image_otherA comma-separated list of the full URLs to the web-ready images of the caravanOptionalAll Characters allowed

Please review the latest DTD (right-click --> Save As...) for this XML feed.


<?xml version="1.0" ?>
		<name>Listing One</name>
		<description>The description of the first listing goes</description>
		<features>Balcony|Air conditioning|Satellite TV</features>
		<name>Listing Two</name>
		<description>The description of the second listing goes</description>


These XML files are to be hosted on YOUR servers. Our systems will regularly pull the data to retrieve the latest information.

Each park within your group must have it's own XML file containing the listings relevant to that park.

To ensure your XML feed adheres to the DTD, please test using the W3Schools XML Validator (please note that to test your XML against a DTD, you must visit this site using Internet Explorer).