Caravan Sales Process: How It Works

Once you have decided on the location and holiday park, it’s time to arrange a sales visit.

It is an essential part of the caravan buying process and you should plan carefully to ensure you get the most from it.

The sales process may seem daunting, especially if you have never purchased a holiday home before, so we have prepared this detailed guide to help you get the most out of the experience.

We'll provide you with top tips on when to go, what to ask and what you should expect to receive during your site visit, to help you get one step closer to owning your dream static caravan.

If you do not know the area you may wish to make an extended visit to allow time to check out the local area. Some parks offer discounted stays to those who are seriously considering caravan ownership this is definitely worth investigating with your selected park.

Visiting A Holiday Park To Buy A Caravan

The first part of the caravan sales process is setting up an appointment with a holiday park sales representative who will explain everything you need to know about buying a static caravan in the UK. Making a prior appointment will ensure they are available and have time to give you a full park tour and allow you to view available holidays homes. You should contact the park directly to arrange this.

All holiday park sales representatives should take their time to answer your questions and explain everything in detail. It is their role to ensure that ownership is right for you, for the long term to ensure potential buyers become contented owners. To do this they must establish if the park is a good match and find a holiday home that meets your needs and you can comfortably afford.

To assist them it very much helps if you are clear on your requirements and budget from the start.

It is common for sales team to cover affordability early on to ensure you have detailed breakdown of all costs and that they holiday home options they will show you are appropriate. This will include site fees, utilities, insurance and the purchase / finance costs.

They will also lay out the steps of the process should you wish to complete that day.

Park Tour

The sales visit allows you to get acquainted with the holiday park and see if it is right for you.

Even if you know the park well and have stayed there before, a park sale tour will be useful to explain the park from an owner’s perspective.

This tour is often completed in an electric buggy (which is always fun!) to allow you to cover the whole park in a short period of time.

A tour will cover the main areas of the park showing you the facilities and different areas of the park. It is also a great opportunity to view available pitches that may be perfect for your new caravan holiday home.

Holidays Homes

The next step is to view new or preowned holiday homes located on the showground or on a pitch on the site.

Once this is complete you will return to the sales office to discuss the next step.

Preparing A Checklist For Your Sales Appointment

Once you have scheduled your appointment, you should prepare a checklist to ensure you don’t forget to ask any important questions and to help you communicate your expectations to your caravan sales team.

It also helps you clarify your needs and discuss with other family members.

While everyone’s checklist will be different, here are some options that should feature on every list:

Your checklist before you go

• How do we feel about New or used caravan?

• How much do we spend currently on Overseas holidays & UK holiday accommodation / how does this effect our budget?

• What is your maximum budget per month for caravan and running costs?

• Are you buying outright or on finance?

• What deposit are you comfortable with?

• Do you intend to sublet or rent out your caravan when you are not using it?

Your checklist during visit

• Will the area keep you coming back for holidays and short breaks?

• Are you happy with the drive?

• Does the park “feel” right

Questions for sale representative

• What are the annual running costs (site fees, utilities, rates, water, insurance etc.)?

• How and when do you pay these annual fees?

• What are the owner benefits and discounts?

• Are there owner events?

• What is the average rental earnings on the park

• Does the holiday park run a letting scheme?

• Are you allowed to sublet it privately?

• Does the park offer cleaning services, and if so, how much do they cost?

• Is the park open all year round?

• Are any of the facilities chargeable, if so, how much do they cost?

• Will you have WIFI access in your caravan or lodge, is there a fee?

• Does the park offer winterisation, if so, how much does it cost and is it obligatory?

You are going to have a captive audience for a good two or three hours during your sales visit, so make the most of it by asking as many questions as possible.