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Buyer Information Article

Disabled Caravans

Advances in technologies and a better understanding of the needs of disabled holiday makers has made caravan ownership more accessible than ever before. Whatever your special requirement, most good quality UK manufacturers will be able to accommodate your needs.

Features such as wheelchair access units, easy access bathing areas and modified interiors allow users to be fully independent in their holiday caravan, while improved on-site facilities give caravan owners the chance to enjoy the park to the full.

Caravan designers tend to focus on the following areas with regard to static caravan accessibility:


An easy access caravan will feature extra wide doorways to facilitate easy movement of wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The main entrance doorway will be widened and reinforced, as will the internal doorways between living spaces.


Improved access is useless if the caravan owner cannot use the unit’s facilities. All the standard features of a static caravan will be present and correct but will be optimised for use by differently abled occupants. For example, switches will be lowered and made easier to use, while interior spaces will widened and enlarged.


It is the caravan’s bathroom that sees the most wide ranging application of modern accessibility features.

Enlarged shower access doors, low level or floor-flush shower trays and lowered taps will all feature in the bathroom of an accessibility-optimised caravan, as will specially lowered sinks, mirrors and other bathroom accessibility features.

Safety features like adaptive seating, non-slip flooring and sturdy grab rails will also be in evidence, while options like hoist systems are also available to people who require them.


The bedroom should be the most comfortable area of any static caravan holiday home, and disabled static caravans are no different.

Access-optimised bedroom furniture, with power-assisted drawers and easy to use handles, will feature in the bedroom of a disabled access caravan, along with specially widened beds and a carefully considered floor plan to allow wheelchair or mobility scooter access to all areas of the room.

Atlas Caravans’ Ruby Range provide some excellent disability access caravans with all the features and design flourishes required to allow you to enjoy your holiday home with total independence.