Static caravan tips & FAQs

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What extra costs are there in addition to the initial outlay?The most substantial ongoing cost of owning static caravans are the site fees. These fees will vary from park to park and also the location within the park. Check before buying. In addition to the site fees you must also consider gas, electricity, insurance and general maintenance.

How long do the parks open for throughout the year?The period which a park remains open for throughout the year will vary from park to park. Some parks remain open all year round while other open between 8 to 10 months of the year. Check with each park before buying.

How long can the caravan stay on the plot before replacing?Some parks will imply a maximum age for the caravan when it will need replacing, other parks will review the condition of the caravan when deciding if it needs replacing. The purpose of this is to ensure that the park as a whole does not look run down.

Can I sell my caravan?Yes. You have the right to sell the caravan at any time. There are procedures which must be followed and these may vary from park to park. The usually procedures are:
Ensure all park fees are up to date.
Notify the park of your intent to sell in writing, and on a regular basis when selling. At this stage the park may make you an offer to purchase.
If you decide to sell to a private individual some parks may insist that you conduct the sell though the park office who will handle the funds, have to approve the buyer and advise on the price sough and their commission payment (if applicable).

Do I need insurance?Yes, as with any property insurance is advisable to recoup any loss. You can insure both the caravan and the contents.

Can I rent out the caravan?Yes. Renting is a good way to supplement the annual fees to reduce the cost of owing your static caravan.

Can I loan my caravan to my friends and family?Yes!!! This is one of the key reasons most people purchase a holiday caravan or holiday home.

What maintenance does a holiday home require?Holiday homes nowadays are extremely well manufactured, and resultantly they require very little maintenance. The warranty from the manufacturer should cover most problems should they arise, however it does not insure against the wear and tear of the caravan.

How can I finance my Holiday Home?Costumers often tend to space out their payments for their holiday home, with most parks providing payment plans similar to that of mortgage repayments. Make sure you shop around to find the right holiday home and park for you and your budget.

Do I need a TV license for my holiday caravan?As long as you have a TV license registered at an address somewhere in the UK then you do not need another one registered at your holiday caravan.

Check all of the above before buying. Also see buyers guide This page is for information purposed only. Take legal advice before purchasing.