Private Purchases

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Purchasing a Static Caravan from a Private Seller


The majority of static caravan holiday homes in the UK are purchase from the holiday park operator or park owner. It is however possible to buy directly from a private owner and many site including are own allow them to advertise their sale. 

If you are considering this option we have compiled this article with some suggestions to ensure a smooth purchase. Static Caravans do not have a V5 style verification document as proof of ownership as there is with the DVLA for vehicle sales so it is important to verify that the seller owns the caravan! 

This can be done by;

1. Asking to see sales agreement form and or original purchase invoice and check details.

2. Ask to see pitch licence with the holiday park and check details. This document should state the legth of time that you have tenancy on the pitch.

3. Verify with Park Owner directly that documents are valid and they this is the current owner and they are aware of the sale. Also check that the vendor has adhered to all conditions of sale with the park, this may involve a commission payment to the park from the vendor.

As with all major purchases it is well worth sourcing independent legal advice on the purchase for peace of mind.

The current owner can be a great source of information and often have useful hints and tips. Make a list of questions you may have covering all elements of ownership such as running costs.