Static Caravan Investment Potential

Photograph of a stack of coins

We are often asked if a static caravan holiday home on a UK park can be bought as a long-term financial investment, whereby income from subletting to others for holidays will deliver an overall profit.

Our experience has shown it is unlikely that sublet income would cover an owner’s costs and depreciation on the purchase cost of the caravan long term even if you rented constantly without allowing for your own use, in many ways defeating the objective of ownership.

In the majority of circumstances this type of purchase should not be seen as an investment or business opportunity. Holiday homes are bought to enjoy and improve the quality of your lifestyle in the same way as a boat or sports car and not as a profit generating venture.

Many owners do sublet their caravan when they are not using it to help subsidise some of their costs and this can work exceptionally well. Many owners are also aware of the cost savings they have made by not having to book and pay for holidays through the year.