Static Holiday Home Shows

Photograph of a caravan exterior

Visiting a static caravan show is a great way of securing a bargain on a great quality unit. All the major caravan manufacturers recognise how valuable these shows can be in terms of advertising their wares and so are likely to be in attendance at most of the big caravan shows throughout the year.

Things to remember

You may already have a specific caravan manufacturer in mind already. In this case it is advisable to check the show’s website before you commit to visiting to ensure the manufacturer will indeed be there.

There are a few things that you should bear in mind if you are planning to attend a holiday caravan show. Be aware that such shows are unlikely to be level playing fields, and that some parks may have pre-agreed deals offering preferential billing to certain manufacturers.

The prices advertised at holiday caravan shows may also be skewed; this is something to be aware of. When you purchase a caravan you will usually be purchasing from the owner of the park the caravan is sited on. As a result, the prices quoted by manufacturers at these shows are likely to be “van-only” and non-inclusive of any site fees or other charges imposed by the park owners themselves.

Plan your visit

Holiday caravan shows tend to be veritable jamborees of noise, information and targeted sales pitches. As such, they can be a little on the overwhelming side, particularly if you are unprepared. Pick up a map as soon as you get there and plan your route around the show, taking in the manufacturers you want to see as well as leaving yourself open to sales pitches from other companies.

Equip yourself with a basic specification of what you’re looking for before you enter the show; this will give you set parameters within which to work and will prevent you from getting led astray by a convincing but unsuitable sales pitch. This will also help you to compare and contrast the offers of various caravan manufacturers and ensure that they suit your specific needs.

Gathering brochures – either by requesting them direct from the park owner or manufacturer – before your visit also help you to define your parameters and make a conscious and informed decision about exactly what it is you want.

However, it’s important to be selective about the brochures and sales information you pick up at the shows themselves. It’s easy to become swamped and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that you are being bombarded with, so choose wisely.

Remember to ask about the unique extras to any deals that you are offered, and to visit the stands of “related companies”, many of which will offer useful products and services to new owners.