Choosing The Right Caravan & Lodge

You have chosen your holiday park, and you have decided on your pitch, now it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of choosing the right static caravan or lodge for you. Most of our customers look forward to this part the most, but much like selecting a new home, there are many things to consider before you make the final decision.

In this complete guide to choosing the right caravan or lodge for your family, we’ll cover things you may not have considered before, and provide you with top tips from our holiday home team.

Holiday Lodges vs Static Caravans

The demand for UK holiday homes has soared since the pandemic and, as a result, leading holiday parks have seen increased interest in both static caravans and premium lodges. You’ll find both of these options on most holiday parks, here we’ll explain the differences and the advantages and disadvantages between the two:

We recommend that you prepare a static caravan pitch checklist, including the following points:

Static Caravans

Static caravans are prefabricated structures made from PVC, fibreglass, or stainless-steel panels. They are attached to a chassis for transportation and equipped with windows, piped in utilities, and all the comforts of a traditional brick and mortar home.

A static caravan is normally classified by its size which tends to be from 28 to 40 feet in length and 12 to 14 feet in width.

Specifically designed for holiday use, static caravans make affordable holiday homes and have the advantage of being sited on holiday parks in popular locations. They come in various sizes and designs to suit every budget and taste. Pre-owned static caravans that are older in age and in lower specification will obviously sell for lower prices. If you intend to use your static caravan for a longer holiday season double glazing and central heating are a must. Remember static caravans do not have to be basic, many high-end models will have the same fit and finish as a luxury lodge.

Advantages Of Static Caravans Compared To Holiday Lodges

• Affordable

• Widely available on all UK holiday parks

• Many preowned options

• Ideal for first-time holiday home buyers

Disadvantages Of Static Caravans Compared To Holiday Lodges<

• Less space

Holiday Home Lodges

Holiday home lodges offer a more spacious holiday home experience to potential buyers. The key difference between a static caravan and a lodge is the size.

A holiday lodge on a UK park is normally classified by its size which tends to be from 28 to 40 feet in length and 20 to 22 feet in width. This increase in width effectively doubles the size of the living space available compared to a static caravan which is perfect for larger families. A good way to understand a lodge is to consider it as 2 static caravans put together with a single pitched roof. Lodges provide a real sense of open plan living and is why they are so appealing.

Holiday lodges will often be purchased with a balcony or veranda to provide essential outdoor space for relaxing, dining, and entertaining.

Many Holiday park lodges have an upmarket feel with luxurious interiors, high-spec kitchens, and even outdoor hot tubs.

As they are larger than static caravans, they require a bigger pitch, which may incur higher pitch fees.

Advantages Of Holiday Home Lodges Compared To Static Caravans

• More Space

• Open Plan Living

• Offer Luxurious with high-end features and specifications

Disadvantages Of Holiday Lodges Compared To Static Caravans

• More expensive, often costing £100,000 plus

• Bigger pitches can lead to increased site fees

• Less availability

New Or Used – Which Is Right For You?

Now you have decided on a caravan or lodge you can start looking for your dream holiday home. There are many ways you can do this, but you first need to decide if you are going to buy a new static caravan or lodge, or used one. Your budget will help you determine the right option for your family.


Buying new gives you the joy of being the first owner to enjoy your pristine caravan holiday home or lodge. This option gives you complete choice over your specification allowing you to tailer it to your individual need and allow you to take advantage of the latest innovations in design.

New units will come with a comprehensive manufacturer warrantee offering complete peace of mind.

If you are buying a new holiday home that is not already “in stock” on the holiday park you will need to wait for delivery before you can complete the handover. Due to increased demand in 2020, parks are reporting a backlog of orders with main UK manufacturers leading to increased delivery times.

Advantages of New Static Caravans

• Tailored to you

• Will have latest features

• Full Warrantee

Disadvantages of New Static Caravans

• Higher cost & depreciation

• May have wait for delivery

• Potential delays in delivery

Used / Preowned

Second-hand static caravans and lodges can cost up to 50 per cent less than new ones, but they won’t have the same warranty, and lifespan as a new model. With lower entry cost you effectively get more holiday home for your money by compromising on a preowned caravans or lodge.

They may also come with high value “extras” specified from new at full price such as verandas and this can also offer added value for money.

In general, a used static caravan will depreciate at a lower rate than a new model should you need to sell. We tend to advise our website users to look at their purchase as a long-term proposition as those that sell in a short space of time tend to have a poor experience and will loose money, this is why you need to ensure ownership is right for you.

Remember older models may look like a bargain but will have a much-reduced usable lifespan.

If you are intending to sublet to help towards running cost the rental income will normally decline based on the age of the holiday home.

Advantages of Used Static Caravans

• Lower entry cost

• Includes Extras

• Normally instantly available on a pitch

Disadvantages of Used Static Caravans

• Shorter lifespan

• No warrantee

• Will yield less rental income

As a buyer you will need to weigh up the pros and cons of each option before you start shopping to avoid disappointment.

Where To Buy A Static Caravan or Holiday Home Lodge

If you are wondering where and how to buy a static caravan or holiday lodge in the UK, there are two main options. You can buy it directly from the holiday park or from a private a private seller. Here we provide a brief overview of each:

Buying Directly From The Holiday Park: This is the only way to buy a new holiday home on a park and the most popular option for used purchases.

A park will have a wide choice of new and used options and be able to take you through the process from start to finish.

Private Sales: You may also choose to buy a used holiday home from a private seller on the park. You need to verify that the seller does indeed own the caravan and that there is no outstanding finance on it, and you need to validate paperwork such as the original purchase agreement and the pitch licence. It is good practice to ensure that the management team on the park are aware of the sale and can verify the validity of the sale and agreements.

Manufacturers: It is possible to buy static caravans and lodges direct from the manufacturers such as ABI but only if you intend to site them on private land. If you wish to be located on a holiday park then you will have to purchase via the options above.

Caravan Shows: Annual holiday home shows on large green field sites and major exhibition centres offer a great way to view manufactures current and new holiday home models in one place. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic holiday home shows have been cancelled from 2020 and it is uncertain at this time if they will continue. You will generally be able to view a selection of new models on the holiday park showground and seek advice from their sales team on the full range of options. There is also a wealth of information online to help you choose if you are looking to buy a new holiday home.

Most buyers start their search online via the individual park operators’ websites or via directory websites such as our website

However you decide to purchase your caravan or lodge, take time to read through the paperwork (including the small print) and only proceed if you are 100% happy with the terms and conditions of purchase. A holiday home is a lifestyle investment, a place to make memories, so it makes sense to take time and purchase one that both you and your family will love.