Choosing The Right Pitch For Your Static Caravan

Once you have found the perfect holiday park for your static caravan, the next step is to find the perfect pitch. The pitch is the ground on which your holiday home will be sited long term on the holiday park.

When choosing a caravan pitch, you should consider its location within the park, accessibility to onsite facilities, parking, and both your short and long-term holiday requirements. In this complete guide, we’ll provide you with top tips on choosing a pitch for your static caravan, so that you can select one with confidence, knowing that it will meet your current and future needs.

What Caravan Pitches Are Available?

During your site visit, the sales representative will show you the different pitches available within the park, explain the differences in site fees, discuss the pros and cons of each pitch, and help you make the right choice for your family.

We recommend that you prepare a static caravan pitch checklist, including the following points:

• Does the pitch come with a private parking space or spaces?

• If not, is there sufficient parking nearby?

• Is it close to the main park entrance?

• How far is it from the park facilities, restaurants, and kid’s clubs if this is important to you?

• What pitches are available? Are their quieter areas of the park ?

• Is it in a sunny spot or shaded area?

• Does it have the views that you are looking for in a holiday home?

• How much space is there between your pitch and your neighbours?

• Is it easily accessible for elderly family members and young children?

Selecting a static caravan pitch that meets your needs will significantly improve your holiday experiences, so take your time when viewing holiday parks, and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each pitch before you commit.

Static Caravan Pitches & Site Fees

Did you know that different caravan pitches attract different site fees?

Although many caravan parks will have standardised pitch sizes and fee structures throughout the park there maybe pitches available that command higher site fees.

These include?

• Double size pitches that are required for “lodges” which are effectively a double caravan size and are generally charged at a higher rate for obvious reasons.

• Pitches with great views can often command a premium.

• Certain developments or appealing areas on a park may have a higher site fee cost.

Make sure you ask the sales representative for a complete breakdown for each pitch and choose one that you can comfortably afford.

Near Onsite Facilities – The Pros & Cons

When choosing a static caravan pitch, it can be tempting to go with one that is as close to the onsite amenities as possible, but is it the right choice for your holiday home? Here we’ll look at the pros and cons of choosing a pitch next to the park’s main facilities:

The Pros

• You won’t have to walk far to the onsite supermarket and restaurant

• Your children can head to the kid’s club whenever they like

• You’ll be closer to the main parking areas

• It may be a point that attracts rental income if you decided to sub-let

The Cons

• Caravan pitches close to onsite facilities tend to be noisier than those further away

• You’re more likely to be surrounded by families with young children during school holidays

• These pitches are often closer together than those on the outskirts of the park

• It may put off potential renters who are looking for a peaceful retreat

Pre-Owned Static Caravans – Can I Choose A Pitch?

If you are buying a pre-owned static caravan, you may automatically inherit the pitch that it is on, so consider this when narrowing down your options. If you find a caravan that is the right size and price, and it comes with affordable annual fees, you may be willing to compromise on pitch location. But, if you specifically want a sea view or beachside location, you should only look at used caravans sited in these areas.

If you buy a preowned holiday home that is based on the showground or storage on the park (not located on an actual pitch) you may well have the option of choosing an available pitch on the park as if you were buying a new caravan.