Touring Caravans or Static Caravans?

Photograph of a touring caravan

Caravanning holidays are becoming increasingly popular in the UK with various benefits of convenience, freedom and less travelling time to your destination! However many owners struggle to make the decision between buying a touring caravan for on the move, or a static holiday home. My Holiday Caravan have put together a list of advantages to both in order to try and help make your decision slightly easier!

Touring Caravans Advantages

With touring caravans you have the option to tow the caravan to wherever you like, whenever you have the time and opportunity.

A more diverse caravanning experience with the option to stay in the country or go abroad.

Not so many ground costs that you may experience with static caravans such as rent and maintenance to the site park. The starting prices for touring caravans also tend to be cheaper.

The option to try different parks.


Static Caravans Advantages

Petrol Costs
With a static caravan you do not experience as many fuel costs. When towing around a touring caravan, the weight incurs large petrol cost, in today’s age of high fuel costs this may be a problem.

Static caravans mean that you can keep all of your possessions in one place, rather than moving them in and out of a touring caravan.

There are the benefits of extra storage options that come with static holiday homes such as the option of a shed on your rented pitch on a holiday park. This is particuarlly useful if wanted to keep items such as bikes and various outdoor sports.

Luxury and Space
There are a range of static homes available each occupying a different specification, with a static holiday home you can add attachments such as outdoor verandahs and indoor luxuries that you cannot achieve with a touring caravan.

With your own static caravan you can sublet it in order to subsidize running costs in order to make it more affordable.

MOT Testing
With the likelihood of MOT testing coming into place for touring caravans, static caravans start to look like the simpler, affordable option with easy maintenance.

No Need for Preplanning
just pack up and go, no need to find and book a site to stay on each time.

Time Efficient
Static caravans are labour saving in comparison to touring caravans. With a touring caravan you will need to load up and attach the caravan to your vehicle each time you go away. However with static caravans you can just get in the car and off you go!

A Home from Home
By visiting the same site each year, you make some really good friends and get to know the staff, so if you experience any problems you know exactly who to go to.

Double Glazing and Heating
Most static caravans now have double glazing and heating so you have the option to prolong your caravanning season in those colder months.

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