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Take Working From Home To A Whole New Level With A Static Caravan or Lodge

The pandemic has forced thousands of us to work from home and, if like many of us, you long to escape the confines of your primary residence, a static caravan or lodge could be the perfect option. With a holiday home at your fingertips, you can expand your working from home location and spend those long after-work hours in one of the most beautiful spots in the UK, and if that doesn’t make you more productive, we don’t know what will!

When lockdown restrictions allow, you can set up office in your static caravan or holiday park lodge, and work remotely from your second home just as you would in your first. All you need is a reliable internet connection (we’ll come back to that later), your laptop, a smartphone, and you are good to go.

In this complete guide to working from home in a static caravan, we’ll provide answers to the most commonly asked questions, and give you tops tips from our expert teams.

The Benefits Of Owning A Static Caravan In The UK

If there is one thing that Coronavirus has taught us, we can no longer take overseas travel for granted. Travel bans could be the ‘new norm’ for the foreseeable future, which is perhaps why many of us have decided to invest in a holiday home closer to home. The demand for static caravans in the UK has skyrocketed since the pandemic, and it is a trend that is expected to grow throughout 2021.

The benefits of buying a static caravan in the UK are well-documented. They are a bolthole where you can escape the rigours of everyday life, and they are a lifestyle investment for couples and families alike. But can you use them as a primary residence or a work from home location? Let us explain.

Can I Live In A Static Caravan or Lodge Permanently?

As most static caravans and lodges are sited in holiday parks in the UK, you cannot use them as your primary residence as they do not have residency licenses. However, there are some residential caravan parks in the country, and you may be able to reside there year-round if the site has permission from the local council. Check this when considering the options available.

If sited on a holiday park, you will have to right to use your static caravan or lodge most of the year, but the park may close down for 6 – 8 weeks during the winter for repairs and renovations, and you will not be able to access it during that time. These caravans and lodges are sold as second homes or holiday homes and not residential properties, so it is essential to check the paperwork before you sign on the dotted line.

Can I Work From Home In A Static Caravan Or Lodge?

Yes, you can and, with estimates suggesting that more than 30% of will continue to work from home once the pandemic has passed, it could be the ideal choice for your out-of-office office, and a great way to the make the most of your investment.

Static caravans and lodges contain all the home comforts you need to create a working-from-home environment. And, as your annual fees cover ground maintenance, you can spend more time working during the week and more time enjoying yourself at the weekends – with no gardening chores required.

Working from a static caravan could be particularly beneficial during the school holidays when office constraints make it impossible to get away. You can spend your days working while your partner and children enjoy the many on-site facilities available, and you can re-group in the evening for some much-needed family time.

If your partner needs to work from home too, you can take advantage of your holiday park’s kids club, and give your children a summer holiday that they will never forget while you get back to work. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

A Note About WIFI on UK Static Caravan Parks

To work from home, you will likely need a reliable internet connection, and this is an area that requires careful consideration when choosing a holiday home in the UK. While most caravan sites and holiday parks now offer free WIFI in common areas, they often charge a premium fee for in-caravan use, and connections can be slow, unreliable, and in some cases, costly.

If reliable internet access is essential to your job for Zoom calls and video conferences, you should check the internet options available at your preferred holiday park before you commit.

That said, it is possible to improve your internet connection with a booster, a mobile router, or a dongle, or even by tethering your smartphone and laptop to take advantage of your 4G network.

You are less likely to find reliable WIFI and mobile phone connections in rural locations, so they might not be the best option for your second home office. Use the Ofcom Broadband and Mobile Coverage Checker to check internet speeds and mobile coverage in the area you would like to buy your second home, and if in doubt, call the caravan park directly.

Working From Home Tax Relief

According to the website, you could qualify for tax relief on additional costs such as business calls, a new broadband connection, heating, and metered water bills if you have to work at home regularly. You may also be able to claim tax relief on any equipment you have bought for the sole purpose of working from home.

With this in mind, you could put any tax relief towards your static caravan annual maintenance fees, and save money as you work. Sound like the perfect plan? We thought so! Shop for your caravan home office today.