Your guide to buying a static caravan - whilst social distancing - in 2020

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The Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenging experience for everyone. With the future of travel still up in the air, and plans being put on hold indefinitely, at times it can be difficult to think about the future.

However, as restrictions are beginning to lift, now is the perfect time to shake up your holiday plans and think about the staycation options - right here on your doorstep. And what better way to enjoy your staycation, than to snap up a home-from-home static caravan, in your favourite UK holiday destination?

Here in the motherland, by following the national advice on social distancing (and this handy guide), you can once again safely and securely enjoy your dream holiday, without the stress of going back into quarantine, upon your return home.

Why staycations are the perfect getaways this year - and for years to come.

Due to widespread travel disruption this year - both in the UK and abroad - staycations have become a more safe, practical, cost effective, and relaxing option for holidaymakers.

Despite camping and caravanning already being hugely popular before the virus - Britons made around 40 million overnight stays in 2019, according to Visit Britain - the ever changing regulations have proven instrumental in encouraging more Brits to choose to explore what the UK has to offer, over booking holidays abroad.

By owning your own static caravan, you no longer need to worry about whether your hotel or rented accommodation will be safe and open for business, when you choose to take a break. Instead, you’ll be able to pack up the car, drive to your home away from home, and enjoy your well deserved downtime, hassle free.

As we acclimatise to social distancing measures, and travel restrictions are beginning to lift, UK holiday destinations are becoming the most desirable option, for that well needed break.

To help you navigate the current climate, we’ve put together a go-to guide for social distancing whilst buying a static caravan. Our guide covers all your questions and queries, ensuring you plan the best possible holiday, for you and your family.


1. What are the current travel guidelines in the UK and abroad?

As the UK is emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, we can now travel freely to almost all nationwide destinations. Most tourist attractions have begun to reopen, beaches are once again filled with holiday makers, and caravan parks have adapted their health and safety measures to ensure you can once again enjoy your break from the norm.

Despite restrictions being lifted on the whole, a number of areas have again become contained in local lockdowns. The government advice on travelling to such areas changes regularly and it’s vital to keep up-to-date on local restrictions, for more information on affected areas.

Regulations regarding travelling abroad also continue to change. For those looking to travel abroad, the government has put together a fluctuating list of countries that citizens are able to travel to, without having to quarantine upon return.

However this list is also changing daily and countries are being removed from the travel corridor on a regular basis, disrupting travel plans for thousands of holiday goers.

For those thinking of travelling abroad, it is also worth considering that “travel insurance premiums could increase by 20 per cent, further boosting the price of the beloved package break”, as reported by the Sunday Mirror. In addition, aviation expert Matt Purton quotes: “the price of flights could rise by 30 per cent after lockdown”.

With these increased costs, alongside the uncertainty of quarantine regulations, upon return to the UK, holiday makers must consider the overall expense of taking a holiday abroad vs a local getaway throughout the remainder of 2020.

All is not lost for those wanting a break from the norm. Let’s take a look below at your concerns, regarding holidaying here in the UK.

2. Which tourist attractions are open?

Many popular tourist attractions in the UK are beginning to reopen to the public. Some of the more popular sites now open include; Stonehenge, Dover Castle, Whitby Abbey, Barnard Castle, Carlisle Castle and Hadrian’s Wall.

These sites claim to provide the necessary PPE, barriers, hand sanitiser stations, pre-booking requirements, and takeaway catering options in place - ensuring visitors are able to social distance effectively, whilst enjoying their visit.

In addition, theme parks in the UK - such as Alton Towers - were allowed to reopen on July 4, following new government guidelines. Most have new safety measures in place, including temperature and hygiene screenings, hand sanitiser stations and crowd controlled activities.

For those interested in more scenic activities, both the National Trust and English Heritage have begun opening sites again. Each individual location claims to implement restrictions such as a reduced number of people granted entry at any one time, and essential pre-booking for all visitors.

3. What are the best holiday destinations to visit?

Choosing your perfect holiday destination is a very personal endeavour. Your dream caravan site is entirely dependent on which locations, amenities, travel distances and local attractions, you and your family enjoy the most.

It’s worth making your own list of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ that you can use to refer to when exploring your holiday destination options and whilst we can’t make this tough decision for you, here are a couple of locations, most popular with fellow campers.

North of the border you’ll find one of the most popular locations for campers, looking to explore the great outdoors - weather be damned! With stunning highland hills - stretching for miles, cosy local pubs, iconic landmarks, historic architecture, breathtakingly rugged coastline and so much more, It’s easy to see how campers from across the UK are drawn to this idyllic country.

South West England
Similarly, a number of British campers choose to take their breaks in the West and South West regions. Stretching from Bristol to Lands end, there are thousands of picturesque campgrounds located throughout this corner of England. For those with younger families or after a more relaxing break, and would prefer not to travel the length of the country, we find the South West is the perfect distance from London and the surrounding areas, to sit back and unwind.

Warm and sandy beaches, exciting theme parks, fun filled activity centres, seaside attractions and more, the South West has everything you could ask for, for a relaxing and enjoyable British staycation.

4. Things to consider before buying a static caravan

Before buying your caravan, there are several factors you must consider to ensure the right decision is made. Purchasing static caravans is one of the best, most cost effective ways to own a holiday home in a great location, however it’s essential to get clued up on all the costs and responsibilities before making your purchase. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself, before making the leap:

Where would you like to buy your static caravan?
Location, location, location. Know the areas you love visiting and the places you’d most like to return to, before making any other big decisions.

Why would you like to buy a static caravan?
Are you looking to put down roots and own a place of your own to visit whenever you like, for years to come? Are you looking for an investment opportunity? Do you have some spare cash to spend?

What is your budget?
Knowing your limits will help you narrow down your search. One of the great things about buying a static caravan is the wide range available, to suit almost any budget.

How much time would you like to spend at your static caravan?
Think about how much time you want to get away, a couple times a year? For the whole summer? What amount of time is realistic for you and your family?

Would you like to rent out your caravan?
Renting out your static caravan is a great way to cover some of the costs of owning your own place. Many owners rent their caravans out during summer and visit during the off season, or plan their break then offer the space to other holiday goers, during the weeks they aren’t visiting.

5. How much does it cost to own a static caravan?

Much like buying and owning a bricks and mortar property, the costs of owning a static caravan vary greatly, depending on location, size, age and spec of the caravan you are after. A few of the main questions buyers ask about owning a static caravan are:

How much does a static caravan cost?
The initial cost of purchasing a static caravan varies from site to site, size and age of caravan, and location. The easiest way to establish the cost of a static caravan is to get searching on My Holiday Caravan for what’s out there in your price range and desired locations. You're likely to need a deposit of 25% to reserve a holiday home and many sites offer flexible payment plans, dependent on your budget and requirements.

Is buying a static caravan a good investment?
Owning a static caravan can be a great investment. As with buying any property, there are fluctuations and trends dependent on location and age of the caravan you buy. In addition, renting out your static caravan can be a fantastic way of making back money on your investment.

What are the running costs for owning a static caravan?
Running costs also vary from site to site. Each park offers their own individual site costs, in addition to running costs (electricity, gas and water), upkeep and maintenance costs. Insurance fees and payment plans.

6. What are the Covid-19 guidelines for campsites?

The British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) have outlined detailed guidelines for each and every British holiday park to abide by. However, individual campsites may have placed additional rules, restrictions and specific instructions on visiting their locations. It’s vital to make sure you stay up to date with current guidelines and any other information you need about your visit, via your destination’s website.

In Scotland, campsites are expected to follow the Coronavirus (COVID-19): tourism and hospitality sector guidance. This information may differ from that of the BH&HPA guidelines, so if you plan on visiting a site in Scotland, it’s well worth reading through this information.

We’ve put together a helpful guide of what you can expect from your visit to a campsite in our Social Distancing: How to prepare for your visit section below.

7. Social distancing: How to prepare for your visit

Now you’ve done your research and decided to start visiting the sites, it’s time to get clued up on how to social distance during your visit and be prepared for what to expect.

Understandably, the pandemic has meant a lot of changes have been made in the way we safely interact when visiting new locations, and holiday sites are no different.

Social distancing measures such as; screens, gloves, masks and hand sanitizer are common practice at most sites around the UK, ensuring both visitors and staff are protected and can interact safely, during your visit.

Travel by car, travel by public transport, what to expect, hand shaking, entering caravans, signing paperwork, 2m distancing.

Static caravan holiday parks are committed to providing you with continued, excellent customer service during the Covid-19 pandemic. In doing so, they have put in place a number of safety measures to ensure you have a happy and healthy experience, when visiting the sites.

Before you visit
We highly recommend you make an appointment to view any static caravans for sale. By booking an appointment, your chosen park will be able to get in touch with you before you attend, and explain how your visit will work.

You can also request an email outlining useful information about the static caravans for sale at your chosen sites and letting you know what to expect from during your visit.

When you arrive
When you arrive at static caravan holiday locations, the meet and greet will be held at a 2 meter social distance, between you and your representative, with sneeze guards in place to protect all parties. In addition, PPE will be provided for your safety and peace of mind including; gloves, hand sanitizer and face masks.

The park tour
During your site tour, a 2m distance between you and your sales representative will be maintained. The doors to the static caravans for sale will be safely opened - with no need for you to touch any handles - or kept open where possible. You will then be free to explore the whole park, including all facilities, alongside your sales guide, whilst maintaining social distance.

What about the paperwork?
After you’ve completed your tour, we’re sure you’ll be eager to progress to the next stage. If you have fallen in love with one of the static caravans and decide this is the perfect park for you, all the paperwork you need will be previously laid out and fresh pens will be provided, for you to keep. Social distance measures will also be maintained throughout the sales process, as they have been throughout your tour.

By the end of your visit you can rest easy knowing that you’ve been able to safely and responsibly enjoy the park, and be content in the knowledge you now own a new private getaway, for the respite you deserve.

8. Why now is the right time to buy your caravan

We understand that during these uncertain times, making big decisions for the future can be a daunting prospect. However, due to the fact international travel for leisure may be one of the last aspects of life to return to normal, we believe this is the perfect time to invest in a home-away-from-home right here in the UK.

Buying a static caravan at one of many nationwide holiday park locations, provides you with something special to look forward to - a well earned break from the norm - as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.

By owning your own static caravan, you no longer need to worry about whether your hotel or rented accommodation will be open for business, when you choose to take a break. Instead, you’ll be able to pack up the car, drive to your new holiday home and enjoy your well deserved downtime, hassle free.

To see social distancing in action, check out our video on social distancing measures.*

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Or for more information on booking a visit, feel free to get in touch.

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