Static holiday caravan verandas

Photograph of a caravan veranda

To make the most out of your holiday caravan pitch it may be worth thinking about installing a veranda.

A veranda is a small terrace which attaches to your static caravan, providing extra outdoor space for your unit. As you are most likely to be using your holiday caravan in the summer, when conditions are more clement, this is an ideal way of maximising the usable space your holiday caravan has to offer, and consequently optimising your enjoyment of the unit.

Of course, the installation of a good quality veranda will also help to increase the selling and rental value of your caravan.

If a holiday caravan veranda sounds like the perfect addition to your unit, take a look at our frequently asked questions and equip yourself with all you need to know...

Can I Erect the Veranda Myself?

Only if you are a trained professional! To ensure that your veranda is safe and secure, only qualified tradesman should undertake the installation process.

Do I Need Permission to Fit a Veranda?

If your caravan is sited on a park then you will probably need permission to have a veranda installed. Check your ownership agreement and talk to the park owner before you begin any work.

What Are Verandas Made From?

A holiday caravan veranda will be made from either traditional timber or UPVC. Timber is a popular choice as it has a classic, traditional look; however UPVC tends to be more hardwearing and easy to clean, making it a popular choice amongst families with young children. UPVC is also available with a wood-effect finish.

What Sort of Choices Will I Have?

The primary choice to be made is between buying an “off the peg” veranda which has been mass produced by the company, or a bespoke veranda which is made to measure. The “off the peg” option will generally be cheaper, while the bespoke option will be tailored to provide precisely what you need.

How Do I Choose a Veranda Company?

If you are purchasing a veranda as a package deal with your holiday caravan, this should be arranged by the park owners who will deal only with trusted suppliers. However, not all parks offer this service; if this is the case – or if you are having a veranda fitted at a later date – speak to the park owner or an owners' association for tips on trustworthy and highly recommended companies.

As with any big purchase, shopping around first is always required to find yourself the best deal. Arm yourself with as many quotes as you have time for, from as many trusted companies as you can, and secure yourself the lowest price.