Buying Process

Photograph of caravan exterior with sea view

Buying Process

This section outlines our experience of the buying process with Park Resorts. We aim to take you through the steps, sharing with you what we’ve learnt, and helping you to avoid any pitfalls.

Before we began our search, we jotted down a brief, covering what we wanted and needed from our static caravan holiday home. This included our requirements for the park and the region as well as the caravan unit.

Brief: To find a south coast holiday home on a park with good facilities for employees, family and friends who want to holiday in the UK.

Park: Dorset, Hampshire or Isle of Wight – not more than 1.5 hours from home. This allows us to take short breaks as well as longer trips. We also need access to local attractions for good family days out.

The park must offer:
  • An indoor pool
  • Beach access
  • Quiet and family friendly atmosphere
  • Access to sailing
  • Activities for rainy days
The park must also be dog friendly and have site fees of no more than £300 per month, pro rata.


Type – Used.

As first time buyers, purchasing a used caravan gave us a great quality unit at a cut down price. However, we may upgrade at somepoint.

Berths – 3 bedrooms, sleeping a minimum of 6.

Budget - £20k maximum.