Buying Process Top Tips

Photograph of caravan exterior with sea view

Here are our top buying tips:

  • Make a plan: What do you require from your caravan, in terms of park location, park facilities and features, and the caravan unit itself?
  • Spend time researching online.
  • Select the holiday park first, followed by the caravan and extras, then select the pitch.
  • Think carefully about which extras you will benefit from most, as these will incur a fee. These may include heating and glazing options, for example.
  • Make a shortlist of parks you want to view.
  • Book sales visits at the parks which most meet your criteria.
  • After each visit, make a list of the pros and cons of that particular park.
  • Ensure you fully understand the full cost of purchasing the caravan.
  • Remember to factor the value of free holidays into those costs!
  • Understand that, while subletting can help with those costs, it is unlikely to eradicate them entirely. Remember that the park's management service will save you hassle with subletting.
  • Read all paperwork thoroughly
  • Approach ownership as a long-term lifestyle investment.