The Paperwork

Photograph of caravan exterior with sea view

As with any large purchase, there is paperwork to sign before the buying process of a holiday caravan can be finalised.

This paperwork outlines the park operator's terms of business, as well as detailing the legal requirements of both park owner and caravan buyer. The paperwork is split into the following areas:

  • Private Sale Agreement

This outlines what happens should you want to sell your caravan.

  • Caravan Pitch Licence Agreement

This covers information on how long the caravan can be sited on the pitch, the fees & rates applicable to the caravan, any rules the park may have, hiring and the procedures for any complaints & disputes.

  • Pitch Improvement Policy

Rules on what you can and can't do to your pitch in terms of ornamentation or work.

We found all the paperwork to be concise, easy-to-follow and not to wordy. Everything included in the documentation seemed to be in place to protect both parties, and not to exploit either side of the agreement.

The fact that Park Resorts also operate in adherence with the NCC's Code of Practice gave us extra peace of mind.

Owners Pack

When we had finalised the purchase of our holiday caravan, we were presented with a comprehensive owners pack, containing a wealth of useful information, including;

  • A list of important contacts
  • Safety & security information
  • Information on how to winterise
  • Gas safety information
  • A map of the site