Owners Blog - October 


Thanks to half term and a family birthday, we managed two more stays at the caravan during October. We also borrowed a friend’s boat – with their consent, of course – and anchored it off Thorness Bay, allowing us to spend a night on dry land at the park. A really nice trip!


We decided to have a nice birthday meal at the Little Gloucester in Gurnard, just up the coast from Thorness, heading towards Cowes. Recently refurbished in a New England style, the restaurant serves some amazing contemporary food in a lovely setting.

Dishes include glazed belly pork and local sea food, which are great for a treat, but – at £40 a head – we won’t be going here every night.


We had a minor issue with a loud party in a nearby caravan, who were blaring out their music at 12am. We spoke to reception and they sent the park security round to have a word. The music stopped.

Excellent service from the park management.


Photograph of a couple at a restaurant
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