Pitch Feedback

Looking back, we all felt that we had made a good decision in terms of the caravan pitch. Located close to the luxury lodge area – sadly out of our price range – we could not believe how quiet and tranquil it was.

Sitting in the caravan lounge with the doors open and the summer air filtering in, we could enjoy the peace and quiet with no disruption.

As you would expect from the owners’ field, many occupants remained on site for long periods of time in the summer, and decided to customise their pitch and caravan within the bounds of the park’s regulations. We found that all the pitches were tasteful and well-maintained, although we did spot the odd gnome peeking from amongst the begonias.

We learnt a lot from our fellow caravan owners, who passed on some handy info and tips about the ownership experience. We made sure to attend any owner events that took place onsite, not just to learn the ropes, but also to make friends with our new neighbours.

Making friends is always a good idea to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable time in your caravan, and also adds a level of security. When you’re not in your caravan, your neighbours will watch over it, and you can return the favour when their pitch is not occupied.

Owners events included:

  • Early/late season meet-ups
  • Owners' breakfasts
  • Fun days

We found the park team to be consistently helpful and well informed.

As owners, we had a dedicated park contact who was on hand to answer any questions and arrange any maintenance work that was required.