Marketing Your Static Caravan For Sale

Photograph of a For Sale sign

Every year thousands of people decide to sell their static caravan holiday home. This decision may be made for one of several reasons: Maybe you’ve had an unexpected change of circumstances or location; or maybe you’ve simply decided that the caravan ownership lifestyle is no longer for you.

If your plan is to relocate, you may be able to move your caravan to another park in a more suitable location. This might be cheaper than you think, as many parks will be falling over themselves to encourage you to come to them, especially if they have vacant pitches.

However if you want to sell outright, marketing your caravan correctly will help you to maximise the sale value of the unit and leave your bank balance looking considerably healthier.

One option is to sell the caravan back to your holiday park, allowing them to sell the unit on to potential buyers. The price you are offered will depend on how much the park want your caravan and whether or not they have buyers lined up for a quick sale.

It’s worth remembering that the park will only offer you the minimal trade value for your holiday home, and that this method is unlikely to secure you the best price for your caravan. However selling to the park is generally faster and could save you the major headache of having to list, show and market your caravan independently.

You may also be given a better offer if you trade your unit in and purchase another caravan from the same park. This is the park's way of encouraging you to stay loyal.

Going Private

Most caravan parks will allow you to sell the caravan privately as long as they are kept in the loop, although they generally will not allow you to place a “For Sale” sign in your caravan. Most parks will also take a commission if you sell your caravan privately. It’s simply a case of checking with the owners of your particular park and the terms of your licence agreement.

If you do choose to list your caravan privately, you will have to do all of the legwork yourself. This includes advertising the caravan, dealing with phone calls and emails from potential buyers, and showing the unit to any interested parties; not an easy task if you live a substantial distance from your holiday caravan, which most owners will.

The selling playing field has shifted somewhat in recent years. The advent of the internet has provided sellers with a tremendous resource with which to market products, and holiday caravans are no exception. Search for websites that carry listings for caravans in your area; many of these websites will list your caravan for only a small fee and can be far more effective than advertising in the regional press.

Take advantage of this resource and make sure that your online advertisement really shows your caravan in its best light. Include good, informative copy and high quality photographs that really show off your unit. Don’t be disheartened by the fact that a park may not allow you to display a “For Sale” sign on your plot; the internet gives you a far wider, far more efficient and far more useful tool to communicate with potential buyers. Don’t waste it.

Using an Agent

Another option is to list your caravan with an external estate agent. Some estate agents in popular coastal holiday areas will be happy to take your holiday home on, marketing and advertising it for you. They will advertise it in their window, in the local press and on the web, as well as deal with viewings so you don’t have to. While agents will charge you a commission for this service, the extra price you get for your caravan may offset this fee.

The advantage of this is that the agent will be an expert in selling property; caravans and holiday homes in particular. They will know all the techniques necessary to optimise your caravan for sale and will be well versed in exactly how to get the best price possible for your unit. The downside to this is that this expertise will come at a price.

Once again, you’re faced with a balancing act: the appointment of an agent could help you get a better price for your caravan, but will cost you a fee. It’s up to you to decide which option will leave you better off.