Latest Caravan Vlogs (Clogs)

We've been putting together a selection of Caravan Vlogs (Clogs) answering the popular questions we get asked a lot. We will be constantly updating our videos and uploading them to our social media, so keep an eye out. We hope the below answers your questions!

Park Location

There are many factors to consider when choosing a park location. Such as how frequently you will be visiting your holiday home.

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Right Pitch

There are different types of pitches to consider when buying a Caravan, such as how close you are to the park facilities and amenities.

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Lodge VS Static Caravan

This is our most popular question and we explain everything you need to know on the prices, size and differences between a Lodge and Caravan.

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Sites Fees

In this vlog we discuss everything your site fees cover from the maintenance of the park to internet. Here is everything you need to know.

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