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A Dream Come True

Well what a wonderful dream come true! My dream started many years ago as a little girl, just nine as I remember, When we enjoyed fun filled weekends in my parents caravan which was in the New Forest. My mum and dad loved this weekend retreat and as we grew they to built on their dream and found their next retreat in Shorefields Country Park, also in the New Forest. This was wonderful as we all enjoyed such memory making times. As the years went by I had my own family who also enjoyed precious family time in mum and dad's caravan.

This was the stuff that made life wonderful! Sadly as my eldest boys turned 8 years old, my beautiful mum fell ill and died! My darling dad could not keep the caravan going it was too painful for him so that part of life became precious memories. I longed for my own Holiday home but finances would not stretch to this becoming reality. My family grew and became bigger, eventually having four beautiful children. As they grew i was able to focus on retraining as a Humanistic Counsellor. It took many years but finally I graduated and found my vocation in life working with people who sort help with a well known cancer support trust . Wow I had now increased our family income, would it be possible to fulfil my dream?

We researched and did our homework looking at many different parks, starting in the Bournemouth and Poole area, we looked at Sandford park which was nice but just a bit to far away to make it a every weekend retreat. We then focused on the New forest area, I knew this area so well, this was feeling right. We checked out Bashley Park which was fantastic as just been completely referbed, but at the end of the day it had to be Shorefields Country Park! We booked a visit and met with a very helpful salesman who walked us through what was on offer and showed us around, for us its apeal is being in the forest, breathing the air, walking amongst the animals and being at one with nature, and of course having the coast on our door step too, we love the beach and because of the vast coast line we can walk for miles taking in the sea air and really live in the moment!

He gave us some options of how to spread the cost and a break down of what we could expect to pay each year, so that helped us budget the cost and it really is afordable. We did have some requirements which were a must, it had to have three bedrooms which meant it sleeps eight, plenty of room for all our family. So it was a perfect choice to show us the swift burgundy which was within our budget and big enough for us all to enjoy! So after a few days we made our decision and bought our very own caravan! And to make it even more special, the plot next to mum and dad's was available! it all seemed like a dream come true. So here we are 18 months on enjoying every weekend and indeed odd weeks we can in our beautiful retreat. Shorefields Country Park was a perfect choice there is so much to do from swimming to gym, bars, good food and fabulous entertainment.

The Shorfield team really do look after their ambassadors (owners ) to, always lots going on and we really are made to feel very special! We have and continue to enjoy quality time with all the family who hold precious memories themselves of the times gone past. For me it has filled a void and given me Balance in my world, I have a wonderful family, a fulfilling job and a retreat to have quality time with my nearest and dearest! I am content and peaceful so much so that in the future I will defiantly consider upgrading to continue the wonderful life x For anyone who dreams of owning a holiday home, never give up, it really is possible and worth every penny!

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