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Why a Staycation is the best idea...?

I’ve always been someone who enjoys the excitement of a holiday abroad. The packing of your summer clothes, the chaos of booking hotels...

Home or Away?

It was on our way home that we decided we did not want to leave him to go on holiday overseas again. We started looking into the possibility of buying a holiday home in Scotland. Somewhere we can all go together and create some fantastic memories.

A Dream Come True

Well what a wonderful dream come true! My dream started many years ago as a little girl, just nine as I remember, When we enjoyed fun filled weekends in my parents caravan which was in the New Forest .

Perfect Pitch

My blood pressure was sky high, my heart was racing and whilst staring at the ceiling in A & E and attached to a heart monitor I made the decision to implement a lifestyle change. Little did I know it, but a static caravan was going to play a huge part in that plan.

Buying a caravan .... a novices guide

Myself and my family ( me, hubby and our 2 boys - age 4 and 7 ) had spent many a precious year holidaying in my Mother-in-Laws' caravan .... until .... the dreaded day came that she decided to sell it.

Doggie Hacks

Tiptoeing out of the lovely double bedroom in our Willoughby Salsa Eco to make the first cup of tea of the day, I could see the early morning sun backlighting the grassy dune just outside my window.

Choosing your park

This is the most vital of your choices as it is the most difficult to change. The question I asked myself was, why am I buying a caravan?

Caravan life

I want to tell you all about our caravan. Having made the decision to buy one and knowing nothing about them I read widely and it was mostly as dull as ditch water, so hopefully I can make this more fun.

Caravan Makeover

It’s winter and the caravan park has closed. Sitting at home I am reviewing my first season and deciding how I am going to further personalize my van for next season. All the statics I have seen look very similar internally and already mine is looking very different.


My caravan cooking has been a steep learning curve. It was a challenge to create delicious food in a small space without creating the condensation which is always a problem, especially when the weather is damp and cold as in a typical English summer.

Storage Hacks

Storage space in a caravan is like gold dust and every last inch or centimetre is precious. Large plastic boxes under the beds are great both for visitors and residents.

Static activities

The title might seem like a contradiction in terms but all will be revealed.