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Perfect Pitch

My blood pressure was sky high, my heart was racing and whilst staring at the ceiling in A&E and attached to a heart monitor I made the decision to implement a lifestyle change. Little did I know it, but a static caravan was going to play a huge part in that plan. Back home in the Channel Islands I was lying in bed recovering and missing my Cornish grandchildren badly, as I had been doing for many years. The oldest one was already thirteen and for many reasons I could only visit for a maximum of one or two weeks a year. I miserably googled tiny house, caravan, static caravan, caravan park about which I knew nothing. Suddenly I sat up in bed, why not buy a caravan? Tripping over myself with enthusiasm I stumbled on a rich seam of information; . Suddenly I was up and running. There were several parks really close to my two boys in North Cornwall. I quickly emailed them through the My Holiday Caravan site and flopped back on my pillows, giddy with my new plan. I had some money invested for a rainy day and heart trouble seemed to fit the criteria so if I could get hold of the finance, I could have a caravan in the UK as a base.

My Holiday Caravan provided me instantly with all the information I wanted, easily assimilated. The next morning first thing the phone rang and it was Trudy at the Haven Park at Perran Sands. She brilliantly guided me through owning a caravan and I made an appointment to fly over and see her in 2 weeks’ time. As an owner, I could have a privilege card which would cut the cost of onsite activities, launderette and purchases in the onsite mini market. There is also programme of Owner activities. I booked up two other parks for comparison.

I am an author and write books in a series entitled "Work it out in a Week" available on Amazon. I have been so impressed that I have just written one, not yet published, on buying a static caravan. Hand on heart, it took me less than a week, to get my caravan, pitch and park organized. This was because of a combination of Haven and who kept guiding me in the right direction e.g. van comparisons etc.

From my first thoughts, it took an hour to make the decision, thirty seconds to convince my husband, a day to research static caravans and to find the park/pitch on the Internet. On foot, it took me half a day to check out Perran Sands, a day to check out the alternatives, half an hour to review the pitch and a day to find and buy the right van. There were several weeks separating each part of the operation and a couple of weeks before the caravan could be moved to its new site. The kitting out took a few days but I reckon this process still more than qualifies it for a place on the "Work It Out In A Week" bookshelf.

I knew exactly why I wanted the van, so that dictated the park. Mike, my husband, and I needed R and R, my grandchildren needed activities, it needed to be dog friendly for my pooches, we all love the countryside, and it needed to be within easy reach of my sons i.e. half an hour max. Perran Sands had it all. I had a tight budget so a second-hand van was a must if I wanted 3 bedrooms and 2 loos. Buying it on site meant I knew its history and I got to meet the owners who were upgrading. The van was a four- year- old Willoughby Salsa and met the criteria exactly. I also contacted several owners, who were selling privately on the park, to get the inside story. Best of all my van could be let out by Haven, when I was not in residence, which would help towards next year’s rent.

Being a musician, I was amused when I found my "perfect pitch", in a quiet cul de sac on the edge of the dunes. It was five minutes from the action but peacefully backed up into the dunes out of the wind. I am just setting off for my first two month visit but my grandchildren, Mike and I have already had a taster week and had a ball, swimming, archery, go karting, creative activities; there is something for everyone. The van came fully equipped so we could move straight in. The bedrooms are perfect, enough room in the double to get in and out both sides easily, a girl and a boy twin and a good-sized shower. Some sites force you to move your van out after a number of years. Haven are happy for you to stay for as long as you like whilst your van is in good condition. I can’t ever envisage wanting to move.

I love cooking and I even have a cooker hood for the first time in my life! There is bags of storage space both in the kitchen and the bedrooms. There is a broom cupboard just inside the main door which can take mops buckets, cleaners etc. Haven take care of the gas deliveries, in fact they take care of all the details, which, because I live so far away, is ideal. It may not be the cheapest but gives me peace of mind. The staff in the Owners office are always there to help you out and nothing is too much trouble.

The extra fold- out bed in the lounge is ideal for my friend in a wheelchair for whom I have just had a ramp and decking built; again, all organized by Haven. There is extra storage beneath said deck where I can keep sand sledges, balls, surf boards and all the seaside stuff. I have purchased two lockable outdoor seats to keep my van contents in when I am not there and to sit on when I am there.

The park has a very green element and is spotlessly clean. The security vans patrol regularly and medical help is on hand if you need it.

My blood pressure is normal, my heart is beating regularly and my happiness knows no bounds, all because of a little tin box in Cornwall which has now been christened "The Enchanted Place" where Pooh and Christopher Robin find magic around every corner and you never know what might happen next…………………..

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