Welcome to My Holiday Caravan’s unique case study on buying a static caravan. We will walk you through the process, from start to finish, giving you an insight into what to expect, and answering questions you may have.

Buying a caravan is a huge lifestyle choice; let us help you make sure it’s a good one!

With this in mind, we approached one of our key partners, holiday park operators Park Resorts. We explained what we were trying to do and they were thrilled, generously agreeing to let us use one of their caravan units.

The result is this dedicated trial buy area, a place where we can show you what we learnt and help you through the process. To follow our journey, simply click through sections 1 to 5, beginning with a look at the buying process.

We also published an owners’ blog – which we updated each month – and a visitors’ blogs, where visitors to our caravan described their stay. We’ve shared our story on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

We hope you follow us and share your own feedback on our trial buy!

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