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We were very excited when we picked the keys up from the general manager for our first month of ownership at Thorness Bay.

Although our caravan is a second hand unit, it was fully cleaned and came with starter food packs and free soft toys for the kids (a nice touch!)

What a month! This is what we became owners for!


We used the caravan on back to back weekends for the JP Morgan Round the Island Yacht Race and the Isle of Wight Festival.

One of our family was competing in the race, and so the rest of us used the caravan as a base from which to watch the proceedings. We took some great shots from Fort Victoria in the west of the island as nearly 2,000 yachts breezed past us at 7:30am.

We then headed across to Brading Down to watch the boats sail down the south side of the Isle of Wight. This was a great event with a great atmosphere; similar to Cowes week but a little less busy.

Being an island, the Isle of Wight has a great many marine-based events, including powerboat racing and Cowes week. If you are visiting the island, look out for these sorts of events.

The Isle of Wight festival is a family friendly music festival and perfect for beginners like us. It was time to find out what was behind the hype. We had a great time and listened to some great music.


We were a little worried about the responsibility of ownership, but we soon settled down and relaxed into the experience. In the first month there was very little to do in terms of maintenance and cleaning; all this had been completed thoroughly, prior to purchase.

The only thing we had to arrange ourselves was insurance cover. We researched details and shopped around online to find ourselves the perfect deal.

Also, we decided to invest in a file to keep all our caravan bills and paperwork in one place.

Photograph of the Isle of Wight Festival
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